October workshop – “Thanks Marcy for a great weekend of Yoga! It gave me a chance to “rest” not just my body but also my “mind”. I am always excited to be part of the workshop because you always introduce new techniques to broaden my scope of practice. It also gives me a chance to meet and share with other people that also love Yoga as I do. Thank you for allowing me to part of it!” – Karen Stensrud

Loved the workshop! – “I found the entire weekend to be one of grounding, releasing and relaxing my spirit so that I could once again focus. I think that too often we tend to do too much in our everyday lives and don’t take the necessary time to refocus. This weekend did exactly that! I loved the “grounding walk” — to feel connection again not only to the earth but to the center of who we are. It brings focus and without realizing it, our breathing deepens, and touches us, bringing out breath to places within, that we don’t even realize are starved for air. Thanks Marcy, for a great weekend!” – Jane Meaker

Marcy has a special talent with her presentations at her workshops and I find they can help make my journy in life special. With the flow from stretching to yoga postures to qi gong to relaxation “Time” goes very quickly.

I find the workshops are not only a get away in the mountain air but a time for healing and reflecting on self at your own personal level. The time spent sharing feelings and experiences in a “safe” environment with like minds and people is always encouraging and rewarding. The entire weekend allows me time to focus on “me” without the interruptions of my normal daily routine.  The energy and  bonding of so many wonderful people also keeps me coming back. – Kathy Gschaid, Lethbridge


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